What is the difference between CAPAtex® and CAPA-DeLuxe?

Although CAPAtex® offers very many advantages it is not completely mechanically resilient due to its manufacturing technology. Through the production process of the so-called “taffeta-lining” a particularly high atmospheric exchange through the fabric is ensured – a great advantage in contrast to weaving; however, the tensile strength of a woven fabric is considerably higher. For this reason we offer a hard-wearing alternative for users of protective covers for horse trailers, who utilize their CAPA very frequently. For the production of CAPA DeLuxe we use a woven polyester, manufactured in the ripstop technique, which may be highly mechanically durable, but only has limited breathability and is also somewhat heavier than our CAPAtex®. To ensure air circulation we have added some “air bays” laterally. We solely recommend this product for customers who cover or uncover their trailer multiple times a week. Because of its greater weight the usage of the woven ripstop material for protective covers of larger dimensions is out of the question.

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